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We are Europe's leading cross-channel marketing and communication consulting firm.


We plan and implement advertising campaigns in online and offline channels, creating synergies between them and maximizing ROI.
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Cross-channel Marketing

What we do

With each of our clients, we implement a cross-channel marketing strategy that carefully addresses data analysis and interpretation. We develop online and offline solutions to engage the user and create measurable results.


Big data analytics services for markets, trends and consumers

Big data creative for Brand Store, A+ and Secondary Image

Strategic planning, campaign management and optimization

Seller and Vendor catalog creation and optimization

Organic indexing by product pages with semiotics and big data

Big-Data Monday with weekly reports on client specifics

Big data analytics services for markets, trends and consumers

Big-data creativity for SEO and SEM activities of proprietary websites

Strategic planning, campaign management and optimization

Organic YouTube management and community engagement

Organic indexing by product pages with semiotics and big data

Big-Data Monday with weekly reports on client specifics

Big data analysis services for trends, competition and users

Creation of graphic, photographic and video content

Organic management of social profiles on social networks

Community management: responses to messages and comments

Strategic planning, campaign management and optimization

Big-Data Monday with weekly reports on client specifics

Strategic consulting on customized solutions, positioning and formats for the client

Programming on video and audio streaming platforms

Big-Data Monday with weekly reports on client specifics

Design, construction and management of structures in the Metaverse

Participation, market development, 3D trading, extended reality, tokens and NTF development and ecosystem and community development

Consulting to generate short and long term value

Ideation of drive-to-store mechanics for contests, prize operations and the like

Creation of landing pages, advertising campaigns and POP material

Implementation, supervision and 360° monitoring of the activity
Our approach

We use a unique hybrid methodology that combines big-data and humanities

Quantitative and qualitative solutions, and constant monitoring of results through proprietary and exclusive tools that use big-data and semiotics to increase sales




Our client portfolio

With expertise on managed platforms and channels
we have implemented successful case studies in different industries

What our customers say

The results obtained thanks to XChannel have far exceeded our expectations. In a very short time, the visibility of our products on Amazon took hold with sell-out figures exceeding initial estimates. I believe that XChannel is a reliable and strategic partner. Their team is always available to listen to our needs and work in full synergy to develop customized solutions

Elviro Carbone
CEO, Alliance

With XChannel we do incredible teamwork to propel our brands to the top of keywords in our marketplace; in the first 5 months of 2021 alone we generated almost 20 million impressions with Amazon Advertising’s various ads and formats. Biffi and XChannel have been enthusiastically collaborating on Amazon for three years now. Our short-term objective? 1 million euros turnover in the channel.

Alessandro Bozzini
Marketing & Communication Director, Formec Biffi

This Christmas, we decided to bet big on Facebook and Instagram, instead of traditional Instagram, instead of traditional media, with the aim of involving the Millennial generation in the Sun City world. Generation Y represents for us the present and the future, and that’s why we mainly target them, speaking their language and in their media, but without forgetting the other generations. For the conception of this innovative and multichannel strategy, we naturally rely on XChannel, which has been following our social media strategy for years.

Graziano Grazzini
CEO, Città del sole

We chose XChannel because of its strategic approach to Amazon Advertising and for its previous work in the category […]. We have seen sales increase and have achieved excellent ROI. I would recommend all advertisers to consider working with a top-tier agency, as we are doing with XChannel.

Luca di Puorto
Marketing Director, IMC Toys Italia

XChannel thinks outside the box and understands exactly what we need. By following us 360° with innovative solutions, it reaches our target audience selectively.

Michele Tentindo
Trade Marketing Manager, Lindt & Spruengli S.p.A.

Founded on a rare blend of semiotic and technological expertise, XChannel offers customized solutions, quantifiable and innovative solutions to optimize the customer journey between on- and off-line.

Luca Visconti
Professor of Marketing, ESCP Europe Parigi

Courage, passion, enthusiasm, competence and strategic vision. An effective partner both for those taking their first steps in the world of communication and for those who have the courage to challenge the status quo.

Massimiliano Negrini
Regional Sales Director Europe, Arena Water instinct

We strongly believe in the efficacy and efficiency of ads placed on YouTube and YouTube Kids. YouTube and YouTube Kids, which is why for Christmas 2022 we have increased the budget compared to previous years. Once again the results have been exceptional and we will undoubtedly replicate the investment in 2023. We are very pleased with our strong partnership with XChannel, the agency of choice for the toy market.

Stefano Galli
Country Manager Italy, Carrera Toys

Social media are undoubtedly an asset that companies cannot do without today; it is not enough to be present, but it is necessary to do so by adopting a strategy with well-defined objectives and dedicated content. As the analysis also shows, the winning strategy consists of having appropriate content depending on the social platforms used. In fact, users seem to reward those who develop ad hoc material to publish on the various social media; moreover, among the most successful contents we find tutorials, which show how the community appreciates the desire to raise awareness to support consumers in getting the ...

Moira D’Agostini
Beauty Expert, Freelance/Esteé Lauder

We have been working with XChannel with satisfaction for several years: within the Accademia Assogiocattoli, we offer member companies a compass to orient themselves in a constantly evolving market, which requires updating in what are no longer PLUS, but necessary working tools! For this purpose, we have found in XChannel a reliable and competent partner, thanks also to its experience in the sector.

Maurizio Cutrino
General Manager, Assogiocattoli