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Journal Press review 28 June 2022

Training: XChannel forges partnership with Assogiocattoli to sharpen training for companies operating in the sector

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Source: DailyNet 

Training: XChannel forges partnership with Assogiocattoli to sharpen training for companies operating in the sector

Italy’s first consulting firm specializing in marketing and cross-channel communication strategies has consolidated a partnership with the national association of reference for companies in the industry. The partnership, which began in 2021 and developed in 2022, takes the form of a strategic and ongoing focus on the training of member companies.

There is a new partnership on the market, that between XChannel and Assogiocattoli. What is the origin of this neo tandem?

For XChannel, “Toys represents a strategic and development market: considering the clients in our portfolio, one in two of the top 30 companies in the European market work with our company. The association with Assogiocattoli is a unique opportunity for us to grow together and learn how to be, thanks to the experience with our partners, the best consultants in the industry,” explains Federico Corradini, CEO of XChannel. 

The goal of the collaboration is to provide Toy companies with consulting and training support on market trends, the most innovative and effective communication channels, and the very latest in advertising formats. And so much more.

Maurizio Cutrino, Director of Assogiocattoli, comments thus, “The continuous changes in the market, the uncertainties due to the particularity of the period we are living, make it necessary and fundamental to constantly update and develop skills for a correct adaptation to the new needs. For this reason, we launched in 2020 Assogiocattoli Academy, a container that offers training and in-depth courses reserved for our Associates. With our friends at XChannel, we immediately found a reliable partner aligned with our needs. The meetings organized have been highly appreciated among our companies.”

The first training cycle was held in February, March, and April 2022, during which time XChannel produced and conducted a series of 3 live webinars with the title “Amazon at Full Power.”. The goal was to explain how to make the most of the opportunities offered by the Amazon marketplace, with a particular focus on Black Friday, the importance of an optimized catalog, and advertising solutions.

“The Amazon channel, for so many Toys players, is now the number one retail customer,” explains Giulia di Giacomo, XChannel’s Marketplace Team Lead, who held the reins of the webinar series. “Our goal is to increase awareness of the use of this channel among companies and to keep them up-to-date on all the latest strategic and format news.”


In mid-May, at the Toys Milano Plus – the digital edition of the physical b2b Toys Milano fair organized annually by Assogiocattoli – XChannel instead presented its reality within the section Get Inspired . It did so by exposing its 3 new proprietary tools, which base their effectiveness on improving big-data (from which they start) through the use of semiotics and anthropology:

NuvolX: to analyze the transactional or visibility capacity of influencers through a quanti-qualitative analysis of selected profiles;

SearchX: to enable companies to identify  the most effective and efficient investment and formats to intercept and engage users on search engines. 

DiscoverX: to enable companies to identify the most effective and efficient investment and formats where to have their product/service discovered and positioned on digital platforms. 

As for the physical fair Toys Milano, this one marked a return to normalcy in terms of visitor influx: two years after the pandemic, there was a noticeable eagerness to leave on the part of both guests and exhibitors, all of whom were enthusiastic about the success of the fair.

Returning to the collaboration between XChannel and Assogiocattoli, the cycle of 3 webinars opened on June 9 “YouTube at full power”: 3 appointments to go in-depth on all the opportunities offered by the YouTube world.


The first meeting looked at numbers and insights on channel reach and audience, as well as advertising formats, targeting solutions, and goals that can be pursued with a YouTube campaign.

The second and third events, scheduled for September and October, will cover the topics of YouTube Kids-again with numbers, formats, and goals-and how to leverage YouTube and YouTube Kids in an integrated way to implement a full-funnel strategy in the run-up to Christmas.

Enrico Gobbi, Campaign Team Lead in XChannel, comments, “YouTube and YouTube Kids are increasingly strategic channels for Toy clients to reach both children and parents on a platform with millions of target users. With the advent of Smart TVs, and the increasing use of YouTube from Smart TVs, the difference between a TV commercial and a YouTube ad is gradually thinning. And we know how, compared to TV, digital campaigns are significantly less expensive and more effective and efficient.”

By following the Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages of XChannel and Assogiocattoli, you can stay up-to-date on all future events.