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Press review 6 September 2023

Xchannel looks to the new frontiers opened by the web3 and aims to close 2023 with revenue at +49%

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The agency’s service offerings are being expanded with tools that use semiotics and anthropology to improve big-data. The words of Ceo Federico Corradini

XChannel looks to new frontiers opened by Web3 and aims to close 2023 with revenue at +49%

The multichannel is increasingly consolidated in our country as well, and users requiring a cross-channel approach are expected to grow. In order to implement effective marketing strategies to hit this target audience, the use of data is crucial, but not only. The agency specializing in cross-channel marketing and communication strategies XChannel combines humanities disciplines and big data to generate a direct impact on the sales of companies in the food, fashion, beauty, luxury, tourism, pharmacy and toy sectors. The agency, which saw team and revenue growth in 2022, aims to end 2023 with 49 percent growth in turnover.

“The Politecnico di Milano’s 2022 final numbers confirm that multichannel Italians, that is, those who use both digital and traditional touchpoints before arriving at a transaction, are 89 percent of the population. These 46 million customers represent a huge potential for our understanding of strategic marketing. In fact, multichannel individuals require cross-channel marketing and communication solutions, which is the approach we believe in so much that we have it in our name: XChannel,” he tells
CEO Federico Corradini. “At the same time, the Polytechnic’s numbers say that less than half of these multichannel individuals are altogether “savvy.” XChannel’s mission for 2023 is thus clear: Contribute, together with our clients and with the best possible campaigns, to increase the number of “mature” multichannel individuals in Italy. Today the latter number 19.7 million: a huge number, yet at the same time it is only a little more than a third of the total target audience (i.e., 38 percent). Multichannel Italians requiring cross-channel solutions are therefore set to more than double, to ensure steady growth for our portfolio starting in 2023 and for the next five years.”

Big data, semiotics and anthropology are the basis of the agency’s method, Corradini explains, “At XChannel, competitive analysis and portfolio audit work are the basis of all activities. Every Monday our clients receive an automatic dashboard that confirms to them 100 percent of the budget invested and 100 percent of the sales they have consequently achieved. In addition, we have devised a hybrid method of improving big-data through semiotics and anthropology. Indeed, big data is effective in comprehensively tracking facts and behaviors that have already occurred; it provides horizontal market insight by distilling a vast number of subjects into coherent data. Humanities, on the other hand, return a vertical idea of a circumscribed group of subjects and reveal their future growth opportunities. Through big data we then produce uncontroversial quantitative market analysis and timely tracking of our clients’ performance; but our tools automatically integrate the data with semiotic research, to better calibrate the communication mix, and anthropology, to return vertical insights into the target audience, where incremental growth opportunities often lie, which big data cannot always predict.”

An approach that has led to good results, starting with the growth of the team: “In the past two years XChannel’s team has doubled in size.. The leadership team, composed of 75 percent female managers, guides us through the most profitable platforms-Google and YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, Amazon and other marketplaces, streaming and traditional TV, radio, and Spotify.”

The agency also looks at the new frontiers opened by Web3: “Media expertise evolved in late 2022 with a team dedicated to the metaverse, Web3 and TV 2.0“.

In terms of service offerings, “it has expanded with the addition of exclusive proprietary tools that use semiotics and anthropology to enhance big data. Our quanti-qualitative tools have a direct impact on partners’ market shares and maximize the ratio of investment to sales: thanks to XChannel tools, our clients grew on average four times faster than the market in 2022,” Corradini says.

There are several sectors in which the agency’s clients are active: “Our goal is to consolidate XChannel as a reference point of cross-channel marketing and communication within the sectors in which we have a specialization built over the years: food & healthcare, beauty, home and toys. Among the clients in these verticals who have chosen us in recent months are. Angelini e Omega Pharma, the cookies Lotus, the mozzarellas Sorì and the sauces Biffi, stairlifts Stannah and mattresses Fabricator, the creams of Bioline e Wakeup Cosmetics, the toys of Epoch e Ravensburger, the diaries and journals of Smemoranda. In order to consolidate the team’s thought leadership in the sector, we work every month to train companies with trade associations: for the past two years we have had a very close collaboration with Assogiocattoli and since 2022 we have activated the one with Cosmetica Italy, with which we will also be present at Cosmoprof. All of the team leaders are also teachers at the Ninja Academy.”

The agency expects to end 2023 with growing turnover: “XChannel ended 2022 with an acceleration of +25% over the previous year. We also had significant growth in 2021: +47%. This means that in the last two years the company has doubled its business volume. For 2023 we have budgeted +49% growth,” Corradini concludes.

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