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Market analysis on the Alibaba platform, niches and opportunities: competitors, sales volumes, products/services sought and average quantities requested. Creation of the account and commercial relationship with the Performance Team. Creation of optimized product sheets and advanced content (graphics, ad hoc images). Creation of a minisite and management of the online showcase, which aims to be a stand within the online fair. With the aim of maintaining, renewing and promoting the online store over time: SEO optimization.


Planning of the media strategy and creation and management of the promotions offered by the Alibaba platform. Title optimization and identification of trending search keywords thanks to our tool. Monitoring of traffic on product sheets, management of inquiries and placements. Short and long term strategy with performance objectives.


Performance trend dashboard thanks to the use of internal tools such as Biz Trends, which allows the seller to monitor and improve the performance of their products. The performance analysis, on a weekly basis, monitors the performance of each individual product, the ranking of the products based on searches, the digital strategies of the competition and the most popular keywords.

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