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Our unique
hybrid method

Rely on our unique hybrid method, which combines: BIG-DATA, SEMIOTICS, ANTHROPOLOGY. We use quanti-qualitative solutions and constant tracking of results


We use a QUANTITATIVE approach, that of our dashboards, based on big data. We always integrate numerical data with our qualitative insights: to manage the sense effects of our activities, we use SEMIOTICS; to listen to the target audience, ANTHROPOLOGY.
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The key elements

Forging effective cross-channel campaigns, tracking their ROI, verifying their commercial effects: we use a quantitative approach to do this, that of our dashboards, based on big data.

Semiotics studies the phenomena of signification. By signification we mean the relationship between something present and something else absent. Every communication campaign activates relationships of this kind.
We design and analyze them with a generative sociosemiotic approach: texts are generated by following a coherent path, and are read within a specific socio-cultural context.

The anthropological approach uncovers the imagination of users: it is used to read thoughts and feelings of a specific target audience, researching them in the observation of online interactions.
Netnography investigates the socio-cultural context in which consumers are immersed, the stories they hear and those they tell, their emotions and dreams. To help brands realize them.