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Alessandro Filippini


Bachelor’s degree in management engineering from Milan Polytechnic. First, but not last, engineer in the group. He joins XChannel as Big Data Analyst taking charge of all the reporting and analysis activities on the different channels: Google, Amazon and Meta. Every Monday he will be the one to show you in complete transparency and simplicity what the performance and results were through the Monday Dashboards. An official member of Henry’s team, his cross-channel role allows him to support, on an analytical basis, the cross-channel communication mix. A pillar of the analytical approach, he is always looking for new horizons and avenues to explore. Who likes to waste time doing boring, repetitive tasks that can be done by machines or software? This is how the focus on process automation was born. His guardian angel? Data, which enables him to deal with all kinds of difficulties in calm, tranquility and confidence, three of his greatest virtues.

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