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Eleonora Lizzul


Graduated in Modern Literature three-year degree and in Philology, Linguistics and Literary Traditions (modern curriculum) – master’s degree, she obtains the degree of Master of Level I in Publishing Professions and Products, at the College Santa Caterina (Pavia). Author of “Dante and esoteric criticism” for Divergenze Edizioni, an essay on literary criticism, she is in charge of Content, editing & PR for Prometeica, a publishing house for children and curious parents owned by XChannel. In addition to managing new submissions and editing work in the editorial office, she interfaces with the world of social, PR and digital PR, ux-writing and copy. In full collaboration with XChannel teams, she oversees the textual creative aspects of campaigns with copywriting and storytelling activities. Her passion for literature and the world of children, as well as the world of publishing, led her to embark on a path that aims to produce only quality, interesting and overwhelming books.

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